In honor of the infamous throwback thursday trend, I’m going to take a look at past fashions that are making a HUGE comeback now! It’s weird how the clothing items I looked at and thought was terrible as a child, they’re coming back bigger than ever.

1) Bandeau tops – I personally LOVE bandeau tops and am super excited that these are so huge now. Not to mention, all of my swimsuits are bandeau style.

2) Hippie Headbands – I personally don’t think I could ever pull these off, and that makes me kind of sad! They’re really cute and trendy and maybe one day before this trend passes I’ll get the courage to try them!

3) Maxi skirts/dresses – Although I 90% of the time dislike this style, it just keeps coming back! If I was taller than the 5’1 height I currently stand at, MAYBE I could pull the classy styles of this off. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever put one of these on.


Sorry for the slacking on posts – I had to be moved out of my apartment by tomorrow and it has been HECTIC! But I’m back, y’all.



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