Goin crazy for cardigans!

Hey y’all,

So basically it’s been unbearably FREEZING here in Arkansas, and there’s been little snow flurries off and on for the past week. My north face is the only really thick jacket I own that is comfortable enough to wear out normally, and sometimes it just doesn’t fit with my outfits when I go out. But let’s face it, the times I dress up are extremely rare. I’m a college student, I live in t-shirts and yoga pants. And I WISH I had a cool enough blog to post MY styles everyday, but that’s the ugly truth.

Today – y’all got lucky. I was also lucky enough to receive a royal blue cardigan from my sister (which is GORGEOUS!!) and a super cute cardigan from my mom – both from LOFT. I used to work there and absolutely loved the 50% discount and I sure do miss always buying their stuff! Last night, though, I got to wear the cardigan from my mom to dinner with my boyfriend and for a cardigan to actually keep me mostly warm in the snow is wondah-ful!


It also has an adorable pattern and I would recommend it to anyone! Cardigans are always a great way to dress up any outfit during the winter. Obsessed!




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