Happy hump day!

Its officially ONE WEEK until I’ll start working on the local fashion week and I am BEYOND excited! This is such an amazing opportunity to get experience in fashion and it’s unlike anything I’ve ever done before. Then.. Immediately after I finish working Thursday night’s show I’ll have just a few hours of sleep before driving down to my hometown in Texas and flying off to D.C.! I’m so excited to have two days in D.C. followed by 3 days in NYC and another 2 days in TX – a much needed vacation!!

But, preparing for a vacation definitely wouldn’t be complete without some new wardrobe essentials – especially with big plans like Broadway and a birthday party!

Here are my new items:


Forgive me for the messy layout, but it’s the best I could do. First I got three items from hautelook. The red dress has a gorgeous cutout back and is WOW Couture. Then, next to it, I have an adorable top by Whitney Eve. I also ordered Ellen Tracy heels in nude on the top left from that website as well. I got ALL THREE of those items for $80 – unbeatable! If you haven’t signed up.. DO IT. now.

Then, I had made a return to Forever 21 the other day without realizing that it’s impossible to actually make a return there. So, they gave me 24$ in store credit and I went back today on a search for some high quality clothing from there. I walked out with the adorable heels on the top right and paid only 5$ more than my store credit. I’m obsessed with these shoes because I’ve never had colorful, spring wedges like these. Here’s a better picture of it:


Then, I couldn’t resist going into Charlotte Russe for some 5$ sunglasses that you might be able to see in the picture of all the clothes if you squint really hard and look under the shoes.



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