Helloo new MAC

Hey y’all.

So today I went to the mall because I had a couple of Victoria’s Secret coupons, one of which being 10$ off of a purchase. So I got their self-tanner that was 15$ for 5$ – what a steal! And just saying, it smells like perfume and not like that gross self-tanner smell. Love it already!!

Then I couldn’t resist running by MAC to get some new skinfinish natural powder (my obsession). I had to get some powder to match my tan – right? (My justification)

I decided to show y’all my very natural everyday makeup. It literally took me five minutes. Here’s my before:


And after:


Excuse my terrible hair that I haven’t done anything to. It might be hard to tell – but that’s kind of the point with natural makeup, right?

I’m absolutely OBSESSED with makeup and doing makeup and here are my favorite products that I used…


Next time I do my makeup all fancy then I’ll be sure to share that also!


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