MET Gala.. The good, the bad, the ugly..

I’m back fellow bloggers! Things got EXTREMELY crazy with finals for school… but IT’S SUMMER!! I’m finally taking a break before my last year of college and looking forward to enjoying this much needed time off.

And for my first post back, we’re taking a look at some Met Gala outfits.

This year, the theme was “Punk: Chaos to Couture.” Honestly, I love the idea. It is the perfect theme to get some high-couture unique outfits with personal twists. Here are my favorites:

Anne Hathaway

In Valentino, Anne Hathaway stood out to me in a floor-length dress that was stunning. It was extremely flattering and although “punk,” still classy.

Jennifer Lawrence

To be completely honest, I’m not a Jennifer Lawrence fan. That being said, I am obsessed with this Dior dress. It’s something completely classy and something that us normal people could wear to any fancy event.

Miranda Kerr

GORGEOUS. She was by far the best dressed of the night, in my opinion. The cut-out dress trend is one of my favorites for this season and this Michael Kors dress was very flattering on her. Love.

And here were the worst dressed of the night:

Kristen Stewart

This outfit was not flattering at all, and had more of an oriental feel than a punk feel, in my opinion. And this slicked back hair trend.. am I the only one not understanding it? Pretty color – I’ll give her that.

Kim Kardashian

Of course, this picture has been EVERYWHERE so this isn’t anything new. The pattern is very overwhelming on her. If it was a solid color, the dress itself wouldn’t have been horrible – but it’s just too much. Her makeup is gorgeous, though, and the print on the shoes is adorbs.

And for the most SHOCKING outfit of the night…


I honestly don’t even know what to say about this outfit. She’s on point with the punk theme, but my goodness. It is Madonna are we really surprised?

The Met Gala brought outrages outfits to the red carpet, and I was loving it.

What were your favorite/least favorite outfits from the Met Gala?


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