You can take the girl out of TX…

The last few days my boyfriend got off work so we got to go to TEXAS – my home, sweet home. I fully believe that you can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the girl.

I was SO happy we got to see my wonderful parents right after Mother’s Day and my best friend from high school had her 21st birthday. But before I get to my trip…

As promised, I took advantage of the sunny, warm weather.


After getting some much needed sun, I had to run some errands and pack for our last-minute trip. Early Tuesday morning we drove on down to Texas and immediately began the birthday celebrations!

IMG_1732Me & the birthday girl.

All of us!

This describes our relationship.. 🙂

Second take 🙂

And she’s finally 21!

And for my outfit…

outfit may 16 post

Dress – Target | Heels – Ellen Tracy


We had a lot of fun that night swimming, going out to dinner, and playing games. Wednesday Collin (my boyfriend) and I enjoyed spending time with my parents and relaxing.

This morning we headed back with our ADORABLE kitty…



I couldn’t resisit 🙂



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